If you are a mobile user you have received message not from any number but any type of code or any alphabetical word. And you have also thought about these types of messages. Like why am I getting these types of messages directly from any code or word not from any number.

So stay tuned and read the full article today we will discuss this question and find all the aspects.

Bulk SMS:

What is Bulk SMS? How to Buy Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS

The messages which you are receiving by name or any code is delivered with the Bulk SMS and the meaning of BULK is too much.
When a company has to send any message to a lot of its customer simultaneously according to its own way and that too, the bulk sms is used to send these types of messages.

For example, you have a child and he is studying in a school and at every month you will receive a message to pay fees. And not everyone’s school fees are the same.And if school management has bought Bulk sms then this will an easy step to send sms to everyone.
And school management can send the sms in one click to all the guardians according their need.

Profit of Bulk SMS:

As I have told that Bulk sms is more profitable for business purposes. If you have a lots of customers then you can send sms in just one click to every customer according their requirement, offers etc.
For example, you want to send notice sms of due amount to customers which is not same for every customer then you can easily send using BULK sms.
What is Bulk SMS? How to Buy Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS


Now here this term API can be new for you but if you want to use these types of services on your APP or Website then you have to go through Bulk SMS APIs.
And APIs are basically used by the software developers as they can integrate it with any APP or Website easily.

Where to Buy Bulk SMS:

To buy Bulk sms system you can find an agent or also you can search for Bulk sms provider on Google and you will see many websites with their plans of bulk sms.
But you have notice some points while buying Bulk SMS.
  • First compare plans with all websites so that you could get better plan.
  • Always check the sms success rate as the sms is delivered successfully or not.


As you will see sometimes that Bulk sms are free you can get from here. But it’s not true it can be fraud. Because companies only provides upto 50-100 sms for their promotion.

There is no need of any software for bulk sms because they provides fully functional dashboard to the customers.
And if you want to use for your website then you need API for this.

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