What is Captcha Code and What is Captcha Meaning

You have ever seen on any website while entering secure information like credit card number or login id. You have been asked to input some code or number seeing from a picture or to solve a simple math problem to move further. But sometimes websites don’t ask to do this activity. Many people think What is Captcha Code and What is Captcha meaning?

So in this article, I am going to explain everything about Captcha and its technology, so stay tuned with me.

What Does CAPTCHA Meaning

The full form of CAPTCHA is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The main work of Captcha is to check whether the user is a robot or real. Basically what captcha does is manipulate or change the style of letters or numbers which can be in human-readable form. Means only a human being can read that format, not any robot or machine. So we can understand the captcha meaning that it is only to save from bots or fraud hacks.

What is CAPTCHA Example

If I told you about the real-world example of CAPTCHA Code then it would be really simple to understand. Like you have made any online payment and before submitting you would have entered any code or number by seeing any picture. You have also seen some websites which do some tool work like pdf editing, word converter etc. These types of websites also use the captcha to save from bots.

What is Captcha Code and What is Captcha Meaning
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Every online platform which does some sensitive online activity related to user information or payment information. They use captcha for their websites to secure from hacks.

History of CAPTCHA

The CAPTCHA word was first introduced by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in 2000. The website idrive.com started a captcha system on their registration page and after that, they tried to file a patent for captcha system. PayPal in 2001 also started this type of technology to be safe from bots and spam. They used to display a human-readable text on their website which was not readable by machines. And if a human is using the website then they can understand the text and type the captcha code in the input box.

What is Captcha Code and What is Captcha Meaning
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reCAPTCHA which is now owned by Google in 2009, which is a popular use case of Captcha technology. So Google started this technology for their platforms as well as open-source to prevent spams, frauds.

How Does CAPTCHA Work

The Captcha Code came to prevent and block spam software for commenting on posts and pages or purchasing bulk items from online stores at one time. The Captcha meaning is to show an image of distorted characters or letters. This is also known as you will be given a variety of images and you have to choose the same type of image from instructions.

Everybody knows that computers don’t understand the language which is human readable, it only understands binary numbers. And with some AI they can read the language but if the characters of the image are distorted then it will be difficult to read and understand for a computer.

How to Enter CAPTCHA Correctly | Solve CAPTCHA Code

This is really very simple to enter captcha code correctly. And to enter it before we have understood the exact captcha meaning. There are many types of captcha systems available for example text-based, number-based, easy math problems. Write the same word, click any portion of an image, or I am not a robot, selecting the same image from a group of images etc.

So with one of them you can easily understand the type and also easily enter it correctly.

Who Uses CAPTCHA Correctly

There are a number of websites on the internet who use the captcha to check whether the coming user is real or a robot. Also, it is used to verify the online polls or examinations, because hackers want to manipulate the result of online polls. Slashdot, an online poll website, once created a poll to vote for best computer science university in 1999. And what after that, the students of MIT and Carnegie Mellon created a program and bots to repeatedly vote on the poll for their university.

What is Captcha Code and What is Captcha Meaning
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And at the end result, it found that these universities got thousands of votes due to bots and others who didn’t use it got only hundreds of votes. The Captcha code system came in reality so anyone could not take advantage of this type of online polls.

The registration system also uses the captcha system like Gmail, yahoo etc. Because these websites allow free registration to create emails and also prevent with a captcha that bots can not create accounts in bulk.

The online ticket website such as IRCTC, flights, shows, cinemas etc uses a captcha system to prevent spam and bots. And these websites use this system so that real users can take the advantage of their services.

Also, the web pages or blog comments use the captcha to prevent bots so that nobody can misuse the comment box to create spam backlinks in bulk.

Do CAPTCHA Really Works

As of now this smart as well as hacking world, captcha code system also become so powerful. But the hackers or cybercriminals also started thinking in an advanced way that how can they do scams over the internet. So to make their spam website look more believable they are now started using new ways here are some example:

  • The spammers or hackers post some eye-catching posts on social media, for example, Some actress HOT Video leaked etc. If the user will click on that website they will have to fill some captcha code. After that, they can be redirected to any page or any registration form page. And your account also may be at risk.

So if any website has a smart captcha code system then there are less chances that hackers or bots can misuse that website.

How CAPTCHA Scape Bots

There are lots of applications for captcha systems which are used to secure the website and user data also. Here are some but this is not a final list:-

  • Email address protection from scammers
  • Website registrations Protection
  • To secure an online polling system
  • Protects against email worms/junk email
  • Protect from Dictionary attacks
  • Protect from spam commenting on blogs

How to Secure CAPTCHA Code

If you want your website to function correctly and be safe from spams and bots then a strong captcha code system is a must for your website. You should also notice some extra points before deploying captcha on your website.

Secure Images

The image going to the end-user should be distorted randomly because in the case of normal distortion of the images can be risky too. And your website may get automated hits.

Uniqueness of CAPTCHA

This means that if all the websites use the same captcha system then it would be easier for a hacker to program a bot that could solve it easily. And also it should not be a simple math problem like 2 + 1 = 3 etc. As of my thoughts, it should be changed at a time interval.


So in this section of What is Captcha Code and What is captcha meaning, we have learned every aspect of CAPTCHA. I hope you will love this article so don’t forget to share with your tech mates.

What is enter Captcha Code?

The full form of CAPTCHA is a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The main work of Captch is to check whether the user is robot or real.

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