What is Cyber Security, And Cyber Security in India

Cyber Security is a way to protect Computers, mobile devices, servers, networks, electronic systems from malicious attack. Some people also called it Information Technology security. Cyber Security in India is now being aware to everyone and people are trying be safe their devices from attacks.

And to understand the term cyber security in India according to context, businesses, and many more terms it is divided in some categories.

Category of Cyber Security in India

Network Security

It is a way or practice to secure your security of network from the unwanted threats and malwares. It can be malicious or targeted attacks,

Application Security

This methods keeps your devices and software free of threats. A application software can allow those data which is not malicious type. The security should be considered at design stage before deploying in any software application.

Information Security

This part of cyber security protect the privacy of data and also integrity both in transit an storage section.

Operational Security

This part handles the processes and decisions for handling and protecting data assets. The permissions users have when accessing a network and the procedures that determine how and where data may be stored or shared all fall under this umbrella.

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Cyber Threats

Cyber threats basically try to evolve the major security issues or data breaches in a year. According to a report, In the first 9 month of 2019. More than 7.9 billion user data have been breached. And this number is going higher than previous years.

Many businesses which are storing the customer data like medical, retailer, and government entities on a server. They are getting malicious hits from attackers. Cyber security in India is not so secure but companies are working with government to improve the quality.

What is Cyber Security, And Cyber Security in India
Image Source: pandasecurity.com

Types of Cyber Threats

Here are three cyber threats are countered.

1>> Cyber Crime includes groups or single actors targeting systems to cause disruption or for financial gain.

2>> Cyber-attack often involves politically motivated information gathering.

3>> Cyberterrorism is intended to cause panic or fear to undermine electronic systems.

So here are some methods, from which attackers performs malicious attack.


It is a kind of software program which is intended to disrupt any system, computer or network. Hacking is perform by sending this malicious software to any server, computer or system. If we talk cyber security in India, attackers provide some money to the user on internet and propose to download a app which can be malicious.

There are number of malware available here.

Types of Malware


It is a program which work is to self replicate itself and in computer system it attaches with a file and then spreads, and with its malicious code start infecting files.


It is downloaded with a file if you are downloading that file from any illegal approach on internet. And cyber criminals upload theses trojans with your files.


It is a program which keep sharp eyes on what a user does, so that attackers can use information. And spyware mostly records financial information like credit card information.

SQL injection

An SQL (structured language query) injection it is a type of attack in which attackers basically try to steal the user data or any data from database. They perform this task buy operating some SQL injection commands to the database.


Phishing is when cybercriminals target any specific user via email and send them from any company name and provide offers. In this attack they try to retrieve information of customers and also their financial information.


Here in this article we have learned about cyber security in India and I hope you have understand about the security and viruses malwares etc.

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