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Today in this article of What is Firewall, we will discuss by taking a simple example then we will see the exact firewall definition. As we can understand firewall meaning by it’s name that it is some kind of wall. Let’s understand it with an example.

Firewall Definition

Suppose you are going to a shopping mall and at the gate of the shopping mall. There are number of guards for security check. They check everything and try to ensure that you are not carrying any harmful objects that is not allowed inside the mall. Here those guards are known as the firewall of the shopping mall.

As per the What is firewall definition, ” It is a network security device that has instructions to check all the incoming and outgoing network traffic. And they are also authorized to allow any data packets or block them as per the security. “

What is Firewall and Types of Firewall
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It’s simple agenda is to establish a wall between your internal network and the incoming traffic from other sources (like internet). And for this they can manage the unusual traffic and hacking attacks.

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How does a Firewall Work

In the firewall authentication, it works on set of security rules defined for it. And using these rules it analyzes the incoming traffic from suspicious or unsecured sources to defend attacks. At computer’s entry point the firewall traffic guards are known as ports.

Here at this point they exchange the information that which address is going where and at which port. For example, “Source address is allowed to reach destination over port 29.”

What is Firewall and Types of Firewall
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Let’s think that the IP address is an office and the port number the cabin of the office. And only the employee of that office is allowed to enter that room. And all others are filtered to enter inside the office and the allowed can access the cabins. If they are Director or Managers they are allowed in any cabin. But if they are junior employee then not allowed in all the cabins.

Firewall Types


It is first and early type of firewall device, It basically work as a gateway from one network to another and also for specific application. Due to it’s specific nature it can also provide some extra features like content caching and direct hit security from outside the network.

Stateful Inspection

As it’s name, it works traditionally like to block traffic based on state, protocol and ports. And it looks sharply on all activity of a connection from opening to close. They followed the both filter rules from admin and context.

Unified threat management (UTM)

A UTM device typically combines, in a loosely coupled way, the functions of a stateful inspection firewall with intrusion prevention and antivirus. It may also include additional services and often cloud management. UTMs focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW)

The now a days firewalls are based on stateful inspection and simple packet filtering. But to prevent modern threats like application layer attack and advance malware, companies are moving to Next Generation Firewalls.

It’s definition must include:

  • Stateful inspection as standard firewalls capabilities
  • Integrated intrusion prevention
  • Application awareness and control to see and block risky apps
  • Upgrade paths to include future information feeds
  • Techniques to address evolving security threats

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