What is Firewall ? Use of Firewall in Internet and Cybersecurity.
As we are seeing it with the name ‘Wall’. It is basically a type of wall and to cross this wall there is only one gate and security guard are available at the gate. Every time when you want enter inside/outside  the wall you have to go for the security check. This is the main concept of firewall in internet networks.
Now we will take an example to understand clearly, what is firewall and what is the use of firewall and why it is necessary for every internet user.
Let’s take an example of a home or office, we know that everyone does not know what’s happening inside your home or office except you. Like in office there are some important works happening and no one outside of the office know about that work. There can be some important files and if someone enters in that room then what will happen.
Your answer will be, important files of the office may be theft or insecure. And it can also lead to loss of office.

Working of Firewall:

Now to keep your office fully safe from unknown people or thief, you will arrange a watchman at the gate of your office, whose job is to keep a strong watch on people who come in and out of office and if you get a little inking then you will not allow them in and out. You will not let you go out of it, meaning that the security should be very tight, if this happens then how much fun will it be?
What is Firewall ? Use of Firewall in Internet and Cybersecurity.
And all these techniques happens in the world of internet and computers. And firewall do the same job for your computer. After installing it on your system it will keep watch on every software which are connected with internet and sharing information from your computer to another.
And thus your computer will be same from malware and unwanted hackers. And if someone will try to connect with your system in an unauthorized way they it will send you the alert of unauthorized access and you can easily handle the situation.

Use of Firewall:

When you will install the firewall in your computer you can control all the software which are using internet. You can stop any software connecting with internet. Also you can block websites for your browser and IP address. If you understand all the usage of firewall you can take full control over internet usage. And you can also secure your computer as much as you want from outside internet world.
What is Firewall ? Use of Firewall in Internet and Cybersecurity.

Internet Speed with Firewall:

When you will fix all the settings of firewall and block all the unauthorized access of websites and software working with background data then your internet will not serve your all software and you will get a smooth and max internet speed.
I hope all the doubts about Firewall and it’s working and usage have been cleared to you.
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