What is Google Adsense
What is Google Adsense

To make money with your website can be hard if you are not selling any type of product. But if you want to make money from your blog or website. And you don’t want to sell anything. Then there is a way by which you can make money that is Google Adsense.

The Google Adsense Program was launched in 2003. And it helps the blog or website owners to make money online from their content. And it became possible by showing ads on their platform. It works on all the niche content, no matter what you are using. Even everyone can be a part of Google advertising and start earning from their blog or website.

If you have a blog or website and you want to make money with it. Then Adsense can be a better way to monetize your website. And to know about What is Google Adsense ? And How much Google Adsense Pay? We with us in this article and we will explain every single step of this advertisement program.

What is Google Adsense

As we have discussed above, Adsense is an advertising program of Google. Where it basically helps the advertisers and website owners to place the right ads on the right platform. Because we all know that advertisers will only show ads at that place from where he will get traffic for their products.

What is Google Adsense
What is Google Adsense

Basically it is a mediator from advertisers and the website owners. First when this program was not launched before 2003. Google uses Google Adwords where you can target your keywords on Google’s website only.

But in 2003, When Google launched this advertising program. It becomes too beneficial for both advertisers as well as website owners. And the advertisers started getting more traffic.

Google Adsense Earning

If we talk about earning, you can earn as you want. But there is only one condition to earn money from Adsense. Traffic, all the earning will depend upon your website traffic. It also matters most factors, which is calculated by Google.

All the earning depend upon the niche content also. Here you have understood which content is too much demanding in Google search. And how much traffic that niche gets every month. You can analyze these things with the help of Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Ahref and many more tools.

What is Google Adsense

How does Google Adsense Work

This is a simple process, you have to sign up with this program using your Gmail account. After creating the account you have to connect your website address in the dashboard. And it provides a code, which you have to paste into your website head tag.

After completing this step, Google will check your website and content also and many more factors. For example responsive to mobile, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions. If it found everything okay then It allows that website for placing ads on the platform.

Google places ads with the help of the advertising program and based on the website niche and keywords. For example if your website is based on travel, then Google Adsense will show the ads based on travel, hotels and flights. All these processes work on the base of Google Algorithms which nicely tackle everything.

How much Google Adsense Pay

As we have discussed that Goggle is a mediator. It charges advertisers on every click on the ads from any website. In simple words if anyone on the website clicks on an ad then on that click Google charge amount on behalf of the keyword CPC.

And after that it is shared between Google and Publisher’s. The sharing percentage is 68% which means Google pays 68% amount to the website owner and takes the rest amount in their account. These percentages may vary from Google .

The range of earning per one click also depends on CPC (Cost Per Click). Which can be $0.10 – $16 and in some cases it can be upto $70- $80 for one click. If your website ranks on a higher CPC keywords.

When Google Adsense Pay

If you go to your dashboard and check the payment option in the payment settings. It shows a criteria of $100 monthly, which means if your Google Adsense account will have $100 in a month. It will pay you directly in your bank account in the next month’s payout. For example you have completed your $100 on 29th then it will pay you on next month 21st.

This is the paying process of Google into your bank account.

What is Pin

Google Adsense Pin is a type of secret pin which basically verifies the account of the website owner. This pin is available when your dashboard earning crosses about $10. Then Google sends a pin via post on the mentioned address in your account.

And in the dashboard setting, you have to enter the pin provided by Google to verify your account ownership. If it is verified by Google then when you crossed your threshold of your earning. It transfers the amount directly in the bank account provided by you.

How to get Approval

To get approval for your website and start monetizing your contents. You have to be careful about your content on the website. First you have to design your website which must be user friendly and also mobile friendly.

How to Google Adsense Approved
Image Source: techjan.com

After this you need to create some pages in your website like about, contact, privacy, terms & condition etc. You have to set your categories according to your website niche. And your website design and color combination should be unique. It should not match exactly any other website.

Now in the post section, your post must be unique. There should not be any copyright content which is mentioned in the Google Content Policy and Google Program Policy.

Your post length should not be less than 300 words. And your website should have 15 – 25 posts before applying for the Google Adsense Program.

How many Google Adsense Ads per Page

After getting approval from Google to show ads on your website. You have two choices whether to use the auto ads option provided by Google itself. Or use custom ads settings for the post and pages.

Auto Ads

Auto ads can be beneficial for the new website because they don’t have too much traffic. And also they don’t know how and where to place ads. So for this the auto ads uses algorithms and places ads on the vacant place on the pages of your site. It also takes care about where to place ads by which the chances of earning increases.

Custom Ads

Google also allows the publishers to create their own ad sizes and place it with their own thinking. In the ad section, you will get many options for creating ad size and paste it in to your website. But if you are not too much aware then I will recommend you to use the Auto Ads. Because it can affect your earning if you didn’t place ads correctly.

What is CPC in Google Adsense

CPC basically stands for Cost Per Click. Which means in a website when a user clicks on an ad, then google charges some amount per click. This process of amount charge per click is known as CPC.

The CPC is based on the keyword ideas, for example if a keyword is difficult to rank on Google’s first page then it’s CPC will be high. But it’s traffic will be low. But If any keyword has more traffic then it’s CPC will be low.

Here we can easily understand that CPC is directly based on Traffic for that keyword. But note that the keyword must be useful. If you say about any unusual keyword then it’s traffic will be zero then it’s CPC will also be zero.

Pro and Cons of Google Adsense


  • You can join this program free.
  • You can get approval if your website is new and It is easy.
  • You will get lots of ads options and you can also customize them with your website preference.
  • If you cross the monthly threshold, Google will directly transfer in your account.
  • From one account you can run ads on more than one website.


  • If you break any rules or regulation of Google, it can terminate or disabled your account without any notice.
  • If you want to earn more money from Google, You need more traffic.
  • When the visitor will click on the ad from your website then you will get paid.


If you have got the approval from Google Adsense to show ads on your website then don’t ever try to make fool of the google algorithms. Because they are much smarter than you. And if they found any misbehave in their policies then your account might be suspended.

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