What is Parked Domain and How to earn with Parked Domain
What is Parked Domain and How to earn with Parked Domain

In the previous article of what is domain name system? We have discussed about what is parked domain? Here in this article we will discuss every concept of this domain in details. So let’s get started.

Suppose you have a website and you are working on it and besides it you have also 4-5 domains available extra and you are not working on those domains. So what to do, the answer is you can park your domain. Now the question in your mind will be what is parked domain?

What is Parked Domain

Parked domain would mean that when you register a domain name but after that don’t use that domain name for any email service or to run any website. In such a case, that type of domain is called parked domain and this work is called domain parking.

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This is like if you purchase any car or bike and you don’t have any use of that vehicle. Then you parked the vehicle in the parking lot then this process is known as vehicle parking. And simply if you purchase a domain and don’t use it then it is a domain parking.

What is Parked Domain and How to earn with Parked Domain
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Well, tell me what do people do after purchasing the common domain name? To run a website, first domain name is purchased, after that web hosting is needed. Then by going to the dashboard of that domain name, the domain name is pointed to the IP address of your web hosting. So that whenever a domain name If you type, people will be able to open that website.

Now in such a situation, if you have purchased a domain name and will not point it to any hosting service or email service, then whenever someone types that domain in web browser, nothing will be visible.

Therefore, if there will be no hosting IP address in the DNS record of the domain name, then at what place will it redirect, so this will raise an error. Now the question is, suppose you have purchased the domain name but you want to work on that domain after a few months or a few years, what to do till then?

If you park that domain, you can earn money from it too?

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How to earn money with Parked Domain

Now tell me one thing that when you create a blog or website. You see ads on that blog only then you get money and take a blog or hosting for the same. But if after purchasing just the domain name for hosting, whenever someone says that If you type the domain and open it. How much fun will it be if you see ads?

You can earn money by showing promotions and ads on your domain without hosting or creating a blog, but how?

Sedo Domain parking

If you want to earn money from domain parking, then there are many companies like godaddy offers domain parking but here I am going to tell about Sedo.

What is Parked Domain and How to earn with Parked Domain
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If you want to earn money by domain parking from sedo, then you can earn like this.

First you go to the website of sedo
Select the option of domain parking there.
Register on this marketplace
Get domain parking certification
After this you will have to go to the dashboard of your domain registrar
Edit or add DNS record there
Both NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM and NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM will have to update DNS there
After this, it will be updated in 24 hours and in this way your parked domain will start running.

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Now whenever someone opens your domain in their web browser, then in that case there will not be any error but rather advertise and when you earn from that advertise you will also get

Now you must have understood about what is parked domain and how you can earn money from domain parking.

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