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What is Twitter Fleets and How to Use It?


Twitter Fleets:

Basically Fleets are similar like the stories of any other social media websites like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp etc. According to Twitter, fleets can be used for sharing your thoughts which can not be in your timeline but it can be disappear in next 24 hours.
twitter fleets
It is also good from other social sites stories and if I say, this is not exact same to the other services.

Difference Between Fleets and Stories:

The biggest difference between Fleets and Stories are the clickable link which is not available on Instagram stories, Facebook and Messenger also. If you have ever used Instagram then you probably know that you can not share clickable links on your stories unless you are verified or crossed 10k followers.
And it is really good to know that Twitter is not going to do like that. There are more differences between then but this is the biggest difference.

Now Let’s Create Twitter Fleets:

To share on Fleets, it is too easy here on the homepage of the website you can see people’s shared Fleets and you can see you own profile pic with the ‘+’ sign.

Step >>1

Click on the profile icon where ‘+’ symbol available.
twitter fleet

Step >>2

Here you can easily post your quotes, thoughts and clickable links also on Fleets and like Tweets you can add 280 characters here.
twitter fleet

Step >>3

You can use the hashtag or you can mention anyone just type ‘#’ or ‘@’ and you will get auto suggests.

Step >>4

You can also add images or videos here just click on camera or pic button.
twitter fleets

Step >>5

On the top right you can find ‘Aa’ to add text over your photo or video.

Step >>6

Even just like Instagram stories you can also use the gif just click on it and search your emoji.
twitter fleets

View Fleets:

If you are following someone and they have shared anything on Fleets then it will show on the home feed on the top. You can also see anyone’s Fleets by searching their profile here on their profile you will see a round on profile picture just tap on it.
twitter fleets
Because Fleets are only available for 24 hours only, Twitter does not allow to reply or retweet or anything. It just only allow to react with emojis on the Fleets. And also here Fleets can be shown in vertical type.

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