5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
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If we in our daily life meet any new people. And do some talks with them one question we definitely ask. What is your WhatsApp number or Do you use WhatsApp? Because we all know that WhatsApp is the number one messaging app on this planet. Which is now the parent company of Facebook. And to serve their users in a top manner company it regularly releases new features. But I am pretty sure that not all the users are so happy with WhatsApp. Because it’s new WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update. Which clearly states that it will now share your elementry data collected from your smartphone with Facebook, For its services and ads.

So for this policy some people just don’t mind but if you are from those who are thinking about your privacy. And want to choose best WhatsApp Alternative Apps. Then in this article, we will discuss best secure messaging apps.

Top 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps you can Use in 2021

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1: Signal Private Messanger

If you are a WhatsApp user then you must have heard about the end to end encryption technology. Do you know who invented this, if not then I tell you that the Signal Foundation? Which now owns the Signal Private Messanger App had invented this technology. Which is now used by WhatsApp messenger, Facebook and Telegram messenger for the secret chats. And if start comparing with WhatsApp vs Signal in terms of privacy and security. Then it gives you feature to prevent from taking screenshots of the chats. Which is also known as the self-destructing screen messages security feature.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
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Here Signal also provides an extra layer of security in face of end to end encryption for your backed up chats, calls, video calls, as well as group chats and calls. Also, the files you send through Signal is also protected. Een the Apple App Store privacy also shows that this app does not interlink any of your data to your identity.

In terms of security and privacy, this app is great on this internet world. So the world’s richest person, government officials, journalists start using this app for the personal chats. If you are looking to change from WhatsApp then it will be best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for you.

Available on (iOS/Android) : Free

2: Telegram Messanger

From many years Telegram messenger was the tight competitor of WhatsApp in terms of features, privacy and many more. So this open-source messenger can be the best WhatsApp alternative apps for the users. Here in the simple messaging, Telegram offers a group limit up to 100,000 users, usernames, public channels, file sharing up to 1.5 GB, self-destructing (not allowed screenshot of chats). And also the favourite end to end encryption for the users of the secret chat.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
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Apart from these awesome features, Telegram also provides Telegram Bot. Which sync you the important information and updates from the Telegram, it also allow you to play in-app games via Telegram Games Bot. Just like WhatsApp messenger, it is available on all the platforms. They also provide their voice calls in quite well enhancement.

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There are some lacks in the video calling feature of Telegram but instead, it provides a cool and awesome feature than WhatsApp. So if video call doesn’t matter to you more then the Telegram messenger is also a great WhatsApp Alternative Apps for you.

Available on (iOS/Android/Windos-Phone/Linux/mac-OS/Web) : Free

3: Skype Chats

In the market of business chatting, Skype is no doubt best among all chat apps. And after the acquisition by Microsoft, it becomes the number one chat app other than meet, teams etc. It becomes so powerful business chat app because of its cool chat, voice call and video call feature. If you are one of those who have to make voice and video calls more with chats also then Skype is the best WhatsApp alternative apps for you.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
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Everyone including me loves the quality of voice and video calls during the business meets and all. This is also capable to provide good quality group video calling features rather than any other apps in the market. And you are the one who has to work over voice and video calls with your colleagues, friends or family then you should choose Skype as a WhatsApp alternative apps.

Available on (iOS/Android/Windos/Linux/mac-OS/Web) : Free

4: Snapchat

In the list for top WhatsApp Alternative Apps, we all know that Snapchat is not a standalone messaging app rather than. It is a social media app which provides the chats services just like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. But also it provides some really cool cat features which are not yet available in any messaging app. For example, the self-destructing feature as well as it also notified which user takes the chat screenshot. It also serves the collection for face masking which is a quite funny feature.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
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It has all the other features like group chats, voice calls, group voice calls etc same as a standalone messaging app. For the information, I want to tell you that some cool features which is a part of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger now are copied from Snapchat. So if you are interested in a messaging app with all features and content for social media then Snapchat can be a good move in WhatsApp Alternative Apps selection.

Available on (iOS/Android) : Free

4: Discord

If you are interested in gaming or belong to the gaming community you should try the Discord. Here you can easily engage with the lots of engaged Discord servers based on your interest criteria. You can also try its top functionality of Discord DM. If you want to use it as a simple messaging then you can try the personal messaging features which allows you to send text messages, emojis, voice calls. I also recommend this for your WhatsApp Alternative Apps and if you use Discord Nitro then you can also try to emote, furthermore, it allows you to send images in many formats, GIFs and documents (PDF, Doc, excel etc) also.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
Images source discord.com

You can also try its voice or video call feature with the screen sharing functionality. It also gives you a chance to connect with your favourite platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Battle.net, GitHub, Xbox Live etc. You can experience all the messaging features which far better than WhatsApp messenger.

One thing is that it allows you to create groups with only 10 members, but if you want to scale it then you should try its creating server feature. I would suggest you use Discord in the comparison of best WhatsApp Alternative Apps.

Available on (iOS/Android/Linux/Windows/macOS/web) : Free

5: Bridgefy

Using of WhatsApp messenger or any other apps needs an active internet connection to send the message. Even the normal text messaging app doesn’t work if you are in a wooden place. So the offline messaging technology comes into the field for message broadcasting. For message transmission, this technology doesn’t need any internet or mobile network connection. In fact, it uses the peer to peer communication via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so that you can easily send messages to your nearby friends.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021
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If you want to try these types of offline features in an app then you should go for the Bridgefy for WhatsApp alternative. You can use three types of messaging service via Bridgefy, Person-to-Person, Mesh Mode, and Broadcast Mode.

It allows you to send a message to your friends, broadcast group messages and even you can also try sending long-distance messages by using users as a node. You can use this node feature during any disaster, sports or music events. Also, it became more popular for the protesters when they faced internet censorship by their government. So if you are looking at the WhatsApp Alternative Apps then you should use this Bridgefy app.

Available on Android (free), iOS (free)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I use instead of WhatsApp?

Telegram, Signal Private Messanger can be a good option instead of WhatsApp messanger in your smarphone.

Q. Is there a better app than WhatsApp?

Yes, Discord and Telegram has a rich and better features than WhatsApp to use.

Q. Which is the best app for video calls other than WhatsApp?

You sould use Discord’s video call feature and If for business purpose I suggest you to use Skype, Even Google Due is also a good choice for video call other than WhatsApp.

Q. Which is the most private messaging app?

If you are looking to lock your privacy inside your smartphone then yes Signal Private Messanger is for you, Try it.

Q. What messaging apps are associated with Facebook?

WhatsApp is the part of Facebook, and also Instagram, Instagram threads and Facebook Messanger are connect.

Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps to Use

There are N number of messaging apps available on the internet, for example, lime, hike, IMO etc. But if you are looking as a replacement of WhatsApp messenger then the above mentioned are one of the best messaging apps in terms of privacy and security. I hope, you would have loved this article of 5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use in 2021, and thanks for your valuable time.

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