What is Wi-Fi Hotspot and How Hotspot Works
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Suppose you are at public place or any office and there is no internet in your phone. Then most probably you have tried to connect your phone with Wi-Fi Hotspot to use the internet. And surprisingly in these days Wi-Fi Hotspot are becoming more useful and convenient to the users.

In this article, we are going to discuss about What is Hotspot and how this technology properly works. As per research we have found that millions of people use Hotspot for their data requirements. And if take some statistics then in the world there are almost 200 million plus hotspots are available.

In this growing technology embedded world. People are using internet on daily basis and the internet providers and public hotspots are giving services. Public Wi-Fi networks are also expanding to fulfill their needs.


Here we will discuss about the terminology of What is Hotspot, security issues, and the terms used by the people hotspot and mobile hotspot interchangeably

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A Hotspot can be known as a physical location where people with their smartphones are connected with Wi-Fi to use internet. And many people named it “Wi-Fi hotspots” or “Wi-Fi connection”.

A hotspot can be a private or public area for example a hotel, a restaurant, home, even an airplane. Where many public Wi-Fi provides free services to peoples for some limited time. And some of them charge for the internet data.

Wi-Fi Hotspot in Mobile

A mobile hotspot is not a kind of physically located Wi-Fi. It is a technology in which you can theater your mobile data in the form of mobile hotspot and connect with your laptop.

What is Wi-Fi Hotspot and How Hotspot Works
Image Source: iplocation.net

Access Point (Wireless)

A wireless access point (WAP) is a network device which allow to connect with Wi-Fi device to a wired network. The wireless access point can either inside the router itself or can be physically connected with a router. And it is not a hotspot.


The full name of Wi-Fi is wireless fidelity. It is a technology which allow your computer or smartphone to connect with internet using wireless connection. If the Wi-Fi is secured with password you need to connect it with the password. And if it is for public use then you can easily connect with it in one tap.

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Mostly you have used Wi-Fi before in some public or private locations like your office, coffee shops, home, etc and also connect your smartphone with the wireless network. To connect with Wi-Fi as a wireless network is a simple process.

It can be a little bit different from Android, iOS or Tablet but i am going to tell you an overview.

  • Open your mobile setting
  • Or Slide down your notification center
  • You will see an option of Wi-Fi
  • Click on it and it will be on
  • Now in setting find wireless connection or Wi-Fi and click on it
  • In the interface you will see the available networks nearby you
  • Tap on anyone and connect it

Your Smartphone Hotspot

If you are at a place where there is no Wi-Fi networks available and you want to connect your laptop with internet. Then you can easily create a mobile hotspot and use internet. And this is known as tethering process, which allow your laptop to access the internet data of your smartphone.


Here in this article, we have seen about What is wi-fi hotspot, how to connect it, how to create a mobile hotspot. I hope you understand the concept of internet sharing via Wi-Fi.

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