YouTube Music:

If you are an internet user and you have a smartphone you have heard about YouTube once in your life and YouTube Music is the part of YouTube and it is developed for music lovers.
First Google was based on Google Play Music and after sometime they moved towards YouTube Music and rolled many functionalities to YT Music. And they introduced it in the new manner.
YouTube Music will Allow You to See Your Saved Songs in Artist Section


And day by day Google is working to improve the quality of YouTube Music and in this way they have introduced a new feature which will allow users to see their saved songs in the Artist Section.


Here we have to understand this feature like if you are listening any song and you saved it to your library and if you will go to your library and see your song then by tapping on that song you can easily find all the song related to that Artist.
And you will also see, how many number of songs are available from that artist in the YouTube Music Library.
This feature is not a big change to any user but YouTube has developed it on priority basis for the users convenient so that if they go to the Artist section. They will not be confused to listen the favorite songs of their favorite artist. 
And also YouTube has announced this feature on all across platform like Android, iOS and also on the web.
Just like this Google is working on every apps and websites to improve it and provide good user experience to it’s users.
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